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Related article: Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 11:24:51 +0000 From: Bill Drake Subject: Horny Dad Tales #5Horny Dad Tales Bill Drake ( usual disclaimers apply: for adult readers only. Contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men, some of whom are related. This series is not one story but a collection of tales involving, you got it, horny dads. Back in the listserv days there was a great series called Horny Guy Tails. They were the inspiration for my White Collar Tales, and I thought it would be fun to have a series of father-son stories: some shorter, some more developed. A forum for the usual Bill Drake plots and themes, and for developing ideas I don't normally do.This story was inspired by a couple of dialogue-based stories, Jamie Anderson's "Dialog in the Dark" and "Dialogue in the Night" by an unnamed author.The series has gotten a lot of great feedback, so thanks to those readers out there who've taken a moment to write. Send those comments and story suggestions along: more of my stories, check out the Authors page at Nifty, or join my Yahoo group: Horny Dad Tales # 5 After the State Tournament"You got enough room there, Tiger?""It's a queen bed.""Neither of us are small guys, you know."{Chuckles). "I think I nearly weigh as much as you.""You don't have to tell me. And you're only a junior. You're gonna outweigh and outpower your daddy pretty soon.""Just cause I got my height from Mom's side. What are ya, Dad? 5'8"? 5'9"?""5'10" you stinker. Don't sell your old man short.""I won't Dad. Ever. Listen, Dad...""Yeah, Jake?""I've never told you this, but.... well before each tournament I go out into the utility shed, you know where you keep your college wrestling trophies.""Those things?""Yeah. I like to look at them. For inspiration. I keep 'em polished and new looking.""Damn, son.""That's what drives me, Dad. I want to win championships like Preteen Porn Pics you did.""You know I'm proud of you whether you win championships or not, don't you son?""Yes, Dad.""I'll tell you a little secret, though. It sure was satisfying watching you win one today.""I did pretty good, huh?""Jake, you smoked them. That kid from Grassley....""Mike Edwards.""Yeah, Edwards. It was fun watching that cocky s.o.b. get licked."(laughs) "Yeah.""And you doing the licking.""It's a real rush, Dad.""You don't have to tell me."(Silence. The sound of breathing.)"Son. You gotta stop that.""What? I thought you liked having your chest rubbed.""Damnit, Jake. I told you after the last time we weren't gonna let it happen again.""Cmon Dad. No one's around. It's just us.""Yeah, it's just us. Doesn't make it right.""But you started it last time.""I shouldn't have. Not my proudest moment, son.""But I liked it, Dad. I lot.""Well....""Cmon. I bet you're boned right now.""Christ, Jake, don't move your hand any lower. Oh fuck!""What did I tell you! Your dick's real hard, Dad. Hard and wet.""Aw, Jake, unh! Stop it.""Stop what, Dad? My fingers working your joint?""Yes, that, damnit. Oh fuck!""All right, Dad.""Shit. I almost came. Why'd you stop?""You asked me to.""Yeah, I did. Didn't think you'd listen.""Want me to...?""No. I got to get myself under control."(Long silence again.)"Oh Dad!""Christ, son, you're hung.""You've held it before.""And I couldn't believe it, then, either. What? 9, 10 inches?""Eleven, Dad.""Damn. Eleven. Got me beat by a fistful. Thick fucker, too...""Feels great, Dad.""... a boy better hung than his daddy. Guess you take after your mother's side in more than height.""Think Grandpa Steve's got a big tool?""Probably. Unless you're not my kid after all." (laughs)"You kidding, Dad? We look too much alike.""Yeah, son, we do. Not quite mirror images.""But close."(Kisses)"Damn.""Yep, son. Damn."(More kissing, then groans)"You turn me on, Dad.""I can feel, son. I got eleven hard inches poking my gut""I Preteen Porn Pics love your hairy body.""I love feeling your weight on top of me.""Let me lift up for a sec." (Spitting sounds.) "There.""Christ, boy! Don't believe in foreplay do you?""Nope. I'm horny tonight.""I can tell.""We're gonna have to make do with a spit lube this time, OK?""Stick it in.""Oh.""Ungh!""Damn, that hole's tight.""Unh, easy, son.""Let me shift the angle.""Oh! Oh, yeah.""Sinking that puppy in, now.""You're so fucking big, Jake.""You like my horsedick, dontcha? That ass is swallowing me whole."(Panting.) "Christ, I can't believe this.""Feel 'em? My balls kissing your cheeks?""Yeah, son, I feel them.""I'm buried in you now. Eleven inches inside my dad. Fuck!""God, my guts feel stuffed.""They are. Your son's cock.""Unh!""There, feel it? Feel my dick move around?""No way I couldn't, Jake. That's it. Thrust in. Fuck me.""This is a bigger rush than pinning Mike Edwards. Fucking my own dad.""It's so hot to hear you say that.""Yeah?""Say it again.""Fucking my own dad." (loud slapping sounds, picking up speed)"Again.""I'm fucking my own dad." (slap, slap, slap)"Unh! Unh!""Putting my big long cock in his hole and pounding away.""Fuck me, son. Unh, deeper!""Screwing Daddy.""oh, yeah.""Deeper into Daddy.""Jake! I'm gonna...""Taking that dadcunt. Owning it.""I wanna, oh god, I'm gonna shoot.""Fucking dad's cum out of his nuts.""Yes! FUUUCKK!""Shoot it, Dad.""Oh, yeah. Oh fuck!""Dad, I'm, I'm getting there, too.""Let it go, Jake.""Dad!""Right in my hole, right in my guts. Cmon.""Aw. Yeah?""Yeah, champ. Sauce your man up from the inside.""It feels so slick and hot in there.""Nothing like your father's ass is there, huh?""Jesus! I"m COMING! Unh unh unh."(heavy breathing, slows down.)"You OK, son?""Yeah. I'm feeling great. You gonna give me that talk now? Make me promise this won't happen any more?""Nah, son. I think we're past that now.""You mean...?""I'm gonna want that again.""Think we can do it at home?""I just gotta figure out a way.""Wow.""You like that idea?""My dick's SO hard right now Dad. Still.""Will you think less of me if I tell you something, son?""How could I, Dad?"You left my ass feeling a little empty.""Let's try a couple other positions this time.""You're the state champ. Call the shots, and I'll follow."(Deep, wet kissing)"Son?""Yeah, Dad?""Can we turn the lights on this time? I want to see my son's big cock."(Laughs) "Sure, thing."(Click)"Damn. That's beautiful.""Funny. That's the word Coach used when he first saw it hard.""Coach? Coach Geller?""Yeah. Long story. Flip over. Ass up. There.""Oh yeah. Easy there.""Don't worry, Dad, you're a lot more relaxed this time.""He hurt you, Jake?""Who?""Coach Geller.""What do you think?""I'm thinking your coach ended up in a position pretty similar to mine right now."(chuckles) "You could say that.""You feel good, Jake.""You too, Dad.""I can't believe I'm letting my own son fuck me.""You meant what you said just now? About us fucking regularly?""You bet. I'm not gonna be able to keep away from that dick.""Cool."(Huffing. Fucking sounds)."Dad?""What?""I want to fuck you all night tonight."
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